The World’s Most Spectacular Swimming Pools

Swimming pools in your Australian suburb are often an excavated hole in the ground lined with concrete, filled with chlorinated water. A suburban swimming pool is a gathering place for friends and family and is often the centre piece of many Queensland homes.

There are swimming pools in the world that aspire for more than prosaic functionality. These swimming pools are often the dreams of landscape architects unfettered by financial constraints. Swimming pools larger than some natural lakes, swimming pools seemingly straight from heaven, Swimming pools that are so sublime they will take your breath away. Today we will be looking at the world of spectacular swimming pools.

The San Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pool, Chile

This massive swimming pool is located in Algarroba, Chile. Whilst it is the second largest swimming pool in the world it deserves an honourable mention in this list for sheer size and grandeur. The swimming pool itself is part a huge resort and occupies a grand total of 20 acres of land. The swimming pool comprises a gargantuan total of 66 million gallons of salt water, for those of us that operate in metric that amounts to a whopping 250 million litres of water. The water itself is extracted from the Pacific Ocean and treated before being delivered to the pool. All of the water is naturally heated by the sun and the swimming pool has a regular temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

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The Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland.

This health enhancing thermal spa pool is the result of run off from a nearby geothermal power station. The pool first formed when the minerals formed a crystalline sedimentary crust in the natural depressions surrounding the power station and prevented the accumulating water from seeping through the volcanic ground. Over time locals would bathe in the heated pools and many reported health giving benefits, particularly for skin conditions such as psoriasis. As the fame of the pools grew the land was purchased and developed into an international destination for health seekers and celebrities alike.

Neutral Buoyancy Lab, USA

Before launching into space, astronauts must first come to terms with navigating in weightless environments by training in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab Pool in Houston Texas. This incredible swimming pool has a variety of extra-terrestrial features such as full scale mock ups of the International Space Station and the SpaceX Dragon module. Astronauts are trained in performing delicate manoeuvres in this artificial environment before being launched into space. The dimensions of the swimming pool are nothing short of astronomical in themselves. The pool itself is 62 metres in length, 31 metres wide, 12 metres deep and is filled with 23.5 million litres of water.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore

This infinity swimming pool is the largest in the world and is an architectural marvel. Built atop the Marina Bay Sands Resort at a towering 57 story’s it is the not only the highest human constructed infinity swimming pool at a dizzying 191 metres above the ground,

but also the largest at a massive 146 metres in length. The swimming pool is an average of 8 metres wide and 1.2 metres deep and contains a total of 1.4 million litres of water, with a total surface area of 1,396 square metres. The grand cantilevered platform that spans the three towers and is the support structure for the entire pool is a modern marvel, as the largest suspended platform in the world and is 340 metres long.

The City of Stars Crystal Lagoon, Egypt.

This pool has only been recently completed, and it took a total of 21 days to fill, which is fairly quick considering the swimming pool is 30 acres in total size and is only the first of a proposed 12 pools with a total area of 250 acres. The Sharm El Sheikh Crystal lagoon as it is also known was built by the same designers that constructed the San Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pool, and with the same design principles of a vast lagoon surrounded by white sandy beaches. The technology used is very advanced, as the pool utilizes salt water from deep wells that are otherwise useless. It also has a complex reverse osmosis desalinization process that allows for reclamation of water and reduced costs.

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