Taking Professional Quality Photos On Your iPhone.

You never want to miss those special moments in life that requires a professional photo to capture that experience. It is lucky that today we carry professional photography equipment around with us on a day to day basis. An iPhone comes standard with a high-quality camera and powerful editing software good enough to take a great photo.

There are a number of things to take note of when taking a photo on your phone. It is not just about aimlessly pointing a camera and shooting a photo, understanding what it is that you are taking a photo of is very important.

By following these 10 easy steps when taking a photo this will ensure that you will have a better quality image of the live situation in you wish to capture.

  1. Make sure your lens on your camera is not dirty or scratched is highly important as it can affect how or well the image will turn out and generally is hard to fix with post editing.
  2. Understand where the camera hat is on your phone so when a moment quickly arises you won’t miss an opportunity to capture it.
  3. Activate the grid on your phone camera settings as this will help you level up the horizon and centre up the image to keep the frame in proportion.
  4. Always use the camera on the landscape/sideways as this was the way the camera was intended to be used and helps capture a wider angle.
  5. Understand your lighting environment and what angle to the Sun or light you will need to be positioned to take the most effective image.
  6. keeping steady when taking photos is important as it will affect how the image will focus.
  7. Holding the camera on your forehead acts as a natural gimbal which will help the steadiness of your videos and your burst shots.
  8. Using burst photography in sporting environments or where you’re not sure of your environment allows you to take more photos without missing the perfect moment.
  9. HDR setting will allow you to take a high-definition photo without flash which is good for day light environments. as this is a high quality photo it will take up more storage space.
  10. Utilising the flash to take stills of stationary objects helps outline and create the depth of field. Understanding what reflections the flash will give off is also important to make sure there is no distortion or unwanted flair in the photo.

Taking photos of kids is never easy at the best of times, and capturing that once-in-a-lifetime moment you can show friends and family is priceless. Using your burst setting on your iPhone will allow you to have more chances of capturing the perfect photo. As this takes a number of photos in quick succession it does take up a lot of memory and space on your phone and is important to delete poor quality images.

With just a few easy setup tips before taking a Photo can be the difference between an amateur and a professional image. there are many great apps that you can download to assist with post-editing. This will allow you to tweak certain colours lighting and cropping to ensure it enhances the part of the image that you want. With a little bit of practice and an understanding of how different environments affect your image you will be taking good quality photos in no time!

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