Selling A Used Car In Queensland Australia

If you are planning to sell your used car privately in Queensland Australia, there is some important information that you need to know regarding the legalities of such a transaction.

For example you live in Brisbane and decided that you want to sell your car Brisbane.

The following information is about Buying or selling a used vehicle from the Queensland Government website: The State of Queensland (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

Buying or selling a used vehicle (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

Selling a vehicle?

QLD selling your car.

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If you are selling a registered vehicle, you will need to obtain and display a Queensland safety certificate ( ) from the moment you offer the vehicle for sale. The safety certificate must be displayed on a conspicuous part of the vehicle. Contact an approved inspection station to arrange an inspection. Fees for inspections are paid directly to the station. A seller’s checklist is available ( ( ).If you fail to display a Queensland safety certificate on the vehicle from the moment you offer it for sale you may receive an on-the-spot fine of $550.

Note: You are required to obtain and display a safety certificate on a registered vehicle when it is being offered for sale, even if you plan on cancelling the registration when the vehicle is sold.

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Department of Transport and Main Roads

AS you can read for yourself the most important obligation required for the selling of a used car or motor vehicle is a safety certificate.

A safety certificate is obtained from a fully qualified and certified safety inspector.

Some of the key issues that will affect the safety of the used car is of coarse the brakes. The most common way to test the brakes on a used car in Brisbane is to perform a pendulum test. A pendulum test is performed by a mechanic by driving the vehicle to a set speed and applying the brakes. The pendulum then calculates the stopping force of the vehicle.

Also the inspector or mechanic will test the exhaust emissions to make sure they abide by Australian standards.

Pollution from motor vehicles burning fossil fuels is a real issue in cities around the world at the moment.

In Australia there are some very tight restrictions on the amount and types of emissions that are permitted by law. The legislation was bought into as part of a nationwide crack down on exhaust fumes in Australia.Exhaust fumes have been linked to a number illness’s including some BEHAVIOR problems in children.

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