Pipe Blockages in the Gold Coast And How to Avoid Them

Plumbing services are often ignored by most people until they break down. That is not supposed to be the case, they should be maintained regularly and proper measures taken to avoid situations where important daily needs like availability of clean water or working drainage systems are disrupted. These are services that are key to a healthy, happy life. Breakage or blockage of drainage systems results in panic and risks exposing the family to diseases from Pipe blockages Gold Coast.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, pipe blockages and other failures are problems that can be sorted out within a few minutes by calling emergency plumbers. A majority of such issues are usually better dealt with by qualified and experienced plumbing professionals who ensure a good job is done within the shortest time possible and that the solution is a lasting one.

Blocked toilets are a mess to deal with, many would rather deal with a lot of other plumbing issues than a blocked toilet. Water levels in the bowl starts to rise instead of flowing down the drain when flushed. It appears as though it will overflow and causes alarm to the user. It is advised not to flush again if the first one doesn’t flow, as this can really lead to it overflowing.

So why a toilet would get clogged? One of the most common reasons for a blocked toilet in residential places is solid items that have been put inside the toilet maybe by kids or ignorant individuals. The causes range from such simple things to more serious ones. A more serious reason includes a blocked drain and this may need more work to unclog.

One way to remedy such a situation is to use a toilet plunger repeatedly, see it makes any progress. Another option is to try an auger or a snake. These are probably the only things one can do on their own, failure to work means there is a definite need to call emergency services. Staying in such state for long is inadvisable as it becomes untidy and a health hazard. One thing the plumber could do is unblock the outdoor drain. If that doesn’t work it becomes necessary to go the long way, to remove the toilet from the floor.

Signs of a blocked drain

There are other signs of a blocked drain apart form a blocked toilet. If the water levels in the shower tray start rising or some sort of gurgling sound is heard when flushing the toilet or some foul smell emanates from the drain or one of the sinks, there could be a drainage problem. Residues of hair, fat and food remains could be the reason for such clogging. They are trapped between drain pipes and underground pipes. Heavy rainfall could also be a reason, flowing water carries leaves and random materials into the drain which then blocks it. Among the most common reasons for such problems is failure to properly install the pipes during construction. Most of these outdoor issues can only be well addressed by proper qualified persons.

A number of preventive measures can be taken to reduce the possibility of clogging drainage pipes. The most basic and important is to take care not to put into the drain items that can clog the system. Cooking grease, coffee grounds, soap scum and hair remains should not be poured down the drain. It is recommended to bin most of these items, not flush them.

Any remains of cooking grease should be saved in a container and disposed in the thrash. A screen or drain grate can be used to cover the opening to the drain in order to avoid entry of hair and soap scum. Clean the drains regularly to keep them running safely and free of any unpleasant odours. This can be done by running hot water through the sink every time after use. The hot water keeps the oily substances running instead of solidifying in the interiors and making the drains sluggish then subsequently clogging. Baking soda can also serve, a handful of it followed by hot water will clean very well and absorb bad smell from the drains. Alternatively, pour a cup of vinegar into the drain and allow it to stay for half an hour then follow it up with very hot water. It is an organic solvent and will work well to remove clogged organic substances.

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